With almost 40 years of combined experience we are passionate about delivering Inspired Escapes for our clients.


We have first-hand experience of all 7 continents: camped on the ice in Antarctica and on the plains of the Masaai Mara, seen the ancient sights of Egypt, visited castles in Scotland, England, France and Germany, haggled for goods in souks and Asian markets and stayed in some of the worlds most amazing hotels like Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai and the St Regis Bora Bora in French Polynesia.


Throughout our careers we’ve travelled as singles, couples and now with children.


So whether your next escape is a weekend shopping trip to Melbourne, or to relax on a beach in the South Pacific, or a European tour or a relaxing cruise we can offer you the best advice to make sure that your next trip is an Inspired Escape.


Tokyo - Japan

Tokyo is one of the world's great cities. It is a hi-tech showcase of modern Japan, and yet it still retains the soul of traditional Japan. Tokyo is a non-stop whirlwind for the senses.

It manages to be extremely comfortable, even luxurious while remaining decidedly mysterious and exotic. First and foremost, Tokyo is a food lover's paradise. Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any city on earth. So if you're after culinary adventure – look no further – Tokyo has food that will change your life! And the shopping is incredible – if you can't find it in Tokyo, it probably doesn't exist.


If you have found yourself caught in the mystical and spell-binding Outlander saga and wish to be swept away to Claire and Jamie's world, come and experience the land that inspired the writer Diana Gabaldon and the TV series producers. From ancient and mysterious standing stones to dramatic castles, magnificent stately homes and breathtaking landscapes, visit Scotland and embark on an inspiring journey


Spend time in the city centre and you'll discover pockets of busy, chilled, bohemian, architectural and accidentally cool spaces to explore. Find art galleries, bars and restaurants – upstairs and down laneways. Stumble upon indie fashion boutiques, artisan workshops, and street artists at work. Wander waterside paths for raspberry ripple sunsets and climb to a rooftop bar for cocktails with a twinkling night sky view. Just a tram ride away, Melbourne's city fringe neighbourhoods express themselves differently.

Las Vegas 

You could visit Las Vegas every year and no two trips would ever be the same. Vegas is renowned for its unique attractions, entertainment, glitz and glamour. But did you know that while you’re in Vegas, you can travel the world without ever boarding a plane, train or automobile? You can take a culinary tour of Asia, grabbing some dim sum for lunch for instance. Step off the Strip and into the canals of Venice with a gondola ride down the Grand Canal at The Venetian and experience an afternoon in Paris when you visit Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.